“Stop the Takeover of MPS” Petition Delivery to Senator Alberta Darling


The names of residents who are opposed to the Takeover of Milwaukee Public Schools have been flowing in, and now it’s time to deliver them to the co-author of the plan to take over Milwaukee’s democratically elected school board.

We will gather at 3:30pm at Wisconsin Jobs Now, (1862 W. Fond du Lac) where we will meet up for rides and carpooling

***We will deliver the “No Takeover” petitions at 4:15pm at Sen. Alberta Darling’s office (N88W16621 Appleton Ave. – just east of Main Street)

After our petition delivery we will continue demonstrating in front of Darling’s office from 4:30-5:30pm.

Facebook event page is here.

Have you signed the petition?

Download the petition to circulate.

Here’s why we OPPOSE the takeover:

5 thoughts on ““Stop the Takeover of MPS” Petition Delivery to Senator Alberta Darling

  1. There needs to be a change now! We need to start putting more funds into the public system instead of taking out. How many kids future’s are you going to crush, of getting a proper education. Or family poor living off the state possible that can’t afford to send there kid to these private schools that you do fund. Think about the teacher’s there the building blocks that mold kids mind at very young age influence them to think creatively and outside the box. They teach them more then just math, reading, and science they teach us to be independent thinkers all my teachers did why would you want to prevent another from learning.


  2. Would like to help do something to help parent coordinator for Macdowell also a parent at that school call me on my cell or email me was at meeting on Monday


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