50+ Milwaukee Voucher Schools Forced to Close Doors Since 2004

Daughter’s of the Father Christian Academy voucher school just abruptly closed its doors nine days into the school year making it 50+ Milwaukee voucher schools to be forced to close since 2004. Whether they have not met requirements related to finances, accreditation, student safety, or auditing every one of these schools didn’t serve the best interests of students and taxpayers. These failed voucher schools have hurt countless students and families as well as have cost Wisconsin taxpayers $139 million dollars in that time. Isn’t it time we pull the plug on this failed experiment called voucher schools?

Private schools that received state vouchers but were subsequently barred from participation in the program.

Year closed;School name;Estimated payments;years in program

2003-04;Alex’s Academics of Excellence;$3,505,595;5

2003-04;Mandella School of Science and Math;$2,231,340;2

2004-05;Academic Solutions Learning Center;$10,494,281;6

2004-05;Learning Enterprise;$7,517,572;13

2004-05;Louis Tucker Academy;$2,795,779;8

2005-06;Howard’s Learning Center;$175,539;3

2005-06;Ida B. Wells;$136,689;1

2005-06;LEADER Institute;$1,958,241;2

2005-06;Medgar Evers Christian Academy;$2,319,357;9

2005-06;Northside High School;$1,708,419;1

2005-06;Sa’Rai and Zigler Upper Excellerated Academy;$910,572;2

2005-06;Tahir Ahmadiyya Elementary School;$77,259;1

2005-06;Tucker’s Institute of Learning;$930,210;2

2006-07;Christ Kids Academy of Excellence;$476,874;2

2006-07;Faith Temple Pentecostal;$82,563;1

2006-07;Nubian Preparatory Learning Academy;$63,510;1

2006-07;DJ Perkins Academy of Excellence;$472,476;2

2006-07;STS Christian Academy;N/A

2006-07;Elijah’s Brook God’s Nation Children School;N/A

2007-08;Nzingha Institute;$559,437;2

2007-08;Veritas Academy;$327,682;4

2008-09;Jesus Academy of Learning;$253,539;1

2008-09;Grace Preparatory School of Excellence;$1,035,790;8

2008-09;Institute for Career Empowerment Inc.;$2,821,704;4

2008-09;Agape Center of Academic Excellence, Inc.;$7,188,581;12

2008-09;Blyden Delany;$4,443,631;10

2008-09;R & B Academy;N/A

2008-09;The Young Women’s Institute for Global Studies;$125,533;1

2008-09;Family Academy;$2,042,332;11

2008-09;Collins Christian Academy;$277,494;1

2009-10;Excel Learning Academy;$2,535,753;5

2009-10;Johnson Christian Academy;$2,124,379;3


2009-10/2010-11;Resurrection Christian Academy;$2,433,867;5

2009-10;Victory Preparatory Academy;$2,660,428;10

2009-10;The Way and the Truth Christian Academy;$1,004,264;1

2009-10;Trinity Christian Academy;$2,284,431;3

2010-11;Harambee Community School;$31,104,399;20

2010-11;Garden Homes Community Montessori School, Inc.;$397,748;3

2010-11;Excel Academy;$8,596,409;6

2010-11;Tuskegee Aviation Academy;$711,253;2

2010-11;More Than Conquerors Preparatory School;$32,540;2

2010-11;Mustard Seed International School;$466,582;4

2010-11;Mills Christian Academy;$2,214,535;3

2011-12;Milwaukee Institute for Academic Achievement;$294,722;1

2012-13;The Margaret Howard Christian Leadership Institute;$1,997,178;4

2012-13;The Applecrest Preparatory Leadership Academy;$718,097;8

2012-13;Kindergarten Plus;$3,498,889;12

2012-13;St. John Fisher Academy;$109,514;1

2013-14;Dr. Brenda Noach Choice School;$7,299,749;12


2013-14;Washington Du Bois;$8,804,415;8

2014-15;Learning Bridges Kingdom Academy;$1,260,852;4

Total estimated payments: $139,617,701

Source: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

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