Speak Out Against a Segregated Campus at Pulaski High School

Colocation Meme

On Tuesday, October 13 at 6:30pm, an MPS school board committee will vote on whether to allow Carmen High School, a privately run charter school, to occupy part of the Pulaski High School building. Please call your school board representative this weekend to let them know that we oppose this proposal because:

  • Pulaski students deserve better. MPS needs to take the time to create a meaningful plan that will benefit Pulaski students. Community, parents, and staff must be engaged like they’ve done at other schools, such as Bay View.
  • Privately run charter schools sharing a building with public schools doesn’t work. Public school students get to see the charter school’s resources up close, but they’re not allowed to access them. How is this a partnership if there is no collaboration and two separate campuses? (Click here for details.)
  • As a privately run charter, Carmen has external funding and big donors. They should use those resources to renovate a facility of their choosing – not prey on our public school buildings.

Please call your school board representative this weekend (click here if you do not know who your representative is).

School Board Directors

On Monday, October 12th there will also be a community meeting at Pulaski High School about the takeover, although last week’s meeting proved to be more of a sales pitch than a community meeting.

Please sign this petition to “STOP the Takeover of Pulaski High School.”

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