STOP School Takeovers | Community Summit | December 5

DSC04527 copy
Are you concerned about public school takeovers?
Join with parents, students, educators and community members to stand up for public community schools that welcome, educate and succeed with all students!
Please join us for a
Citywide Summit
to STOP School Takeovers
Saturday, December 5, 2015
from 9am-2pm
at MATC Downtown Campus (Directions)
Featuring speakers from Chicago’s Dyett School Hunger Strike and Keron Blair of  The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools
Fight for Dyett copyKeron Blair
Bring a team from your school, church group, or community group! Parents, students, educators and community members are all welcome to attend.
Education organizers from Chicago and Milwaukee will talk with us about:
  • Our country’s history of unequal educational opportunities for students of color – and why takeovers and privately-run charter and voucher schools are NOT the answer.
  • Promoting community schools
  • How parents, students, educators and community members can stand up against public school takeover attempts.
  • How we can work with others in our schools and neighborhoods to build a strong, unstoppable movement for our children’s right to quality public schools.
Offered free with this event (you must RSVP to reserve):

  • Lunch
  • Spanish interpretation
  • Children’s workshop (children must be potty trained)
Click here to RSVP.
Facebook event page can be found here.

3 thoughts on “STOP School Takeovers | Community Summit | December 5

  1. Wonder what would happen if the children, families who support public schools went on strike until the politicians listened. Maybe a peaceful march. Maybe that should be done in the whole state of WI. I saw an ad on TV for a children’s hospital or? The children were the ones talking. It was great. Put the children out front. I think it would gain a lot of attention. I think it was after the California killings. They decided not to cancel a planned parade. The children were in front. It was awesome.


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