Movement to Stop School Takeovers Building Momentum in Milwaukee

The resistance is rising.”

– Keron Blair – Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools

Saturday’s citywide convening of School Defense Committees brought together parents, students, educators, community members, and politicians from all around the city and beyond to take the next step in the fight against public school takeovers and advance public community schools for Milwaukee.

The morning started of with passionate and thought-provoking speeches and calls to action from Alliance to Reclaim Our School’s Keron Blair (video), Dyett School hunger striker Jeanette Taylor (video below), and author and educator Isabel Nunez (video).

Saturday's speakers included (from left to right) Keron Blair, Jeanette Taylor, and Isabel Nunez.

Saturday’s speakers included (from left to right) Keron Blair, Jeanette Taylor, and Isabel Nunez.

Following the morning speakers, the real work of the day began. Attendees met in small groups, where they worked through School Defense Committee (SDC) toolkits that provide individuals and groups with the blueprints to organize locally in their building, church, or community group against public school takeovers.

These SDC Toolkits are available to parents, students, educators or community members, who want to organize others in their school community to stand up for public schools. All those organizing SDCs will be making sure to hold their first meeting by January 31st, 2016. It was also announced that on February 17th,  2016  Milwaukee will be joined by over 20 other cities in a third round of walk-ins for public education.  The next convening of SDCs will take place on March 20, 2016. Details will be released when they become available.

Saturday’s emcee Angela Walker introduces attendees to the School Defense Toolkit.

The School Defense Committee Toolkit includes:

Click on the links above to view and print sections of the toolkit, or click here to download a toolkit.

Anyone who decide to organize a School Defense Committee should fill out this form so we can track who is organizing School Defense Committees. Be sure to include the date for your first School Defense Committee gathering.

As Jeanette Taylor ended her speech, “We are the leaders we’ve been waiting for,” and now is the time we must act to ensure public education is not killed on our watch.

I Went on a Hunger Strike to Save Public Schools from MTEA Union on Vimeo.


One thought on “Movement to Stop School Takeovers Building Momentum in Milwaukee

  1. Put the children first. Let them speak. If adults are only ones speaking that’s samo, samo. Maybe children should go on strike until politicians listen. In the days of Martin Luther King and the bus boycott the people marched peacefully. They were continually arrested and put in jail. Finally they put the children first. The arrest stopped. We as a country moved one step forward. We should listen to the inspiring words of Martin Luther King. He believed in our country, but most especially he believed in our countries children. He believed the American Dream was for all no matter what race, creed or tribe. He believed, and so should we!! We should accept nothing else.


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