List of Participating Schools for 2/17 “Walk In for Public Schools”


Join us as we “Walk In” to build the schools and communities our children deserve!

We want vibrant, public community schools that welcome and serve all children. We want public schools that are responsive to parents and the locally elected school board. We want public schools that offer special education services, bilingual education, and other programs that our children need.


sign up to host a walk in at a public school near you if you don’t see your school on the following list. Instructions to help set up and host an Action Network event page are here.

English walk in flyer                                               Spanish walk in flyer


This is the official list of participating schools for the February 17th National “Walk In” day of action (check back as it is still growing).


Milwaukee Public Schools:

Academy of Accelerated Learning 3727 S 78th St, 53220-1603

ALBA  1712 S 32nd St, Milwaukee, WI 53215

Alcott School 3563 South 97th Street, 53228

Allen Field 730 W Lapham Blvd, 53204-3496

Alliance 850 W Walnut St, 53205

Audubon MS & HS 3300 S 39th St , 53215-4099

Auer Avenue  2319 W Auer Ave, 53206-1799

Barton Elementary  5700 West Greentree Rd, 53233

Bay View HS  2751 S Lenox St, 53207-2299

Bethune  1535 N 35th St, 53208-1811

Bradley Tech High School  700 S Fourth St, 53204-1596

Brown Street Academy 2029 N 20th St, 53205-1140

Browning  5440 N 64th St, 53218-2792

Bruce  6453 N 89th St, 53224-5398

Bryant Elementary 8718 W Thurston Ave, 53225-2897

Burbank Elementary 6035 W Adler St, 53214-1899

Cass Street 1647 N Cass St, 53202-2099

Clemens 3600 W Hope Ave, 53216-1761

Clement 3666 S Clement Ave, 53207

Community High School 6700 N. 80th St., 53223

Congress 5225 W. Lincoln Creek Drive, 53218

Cooper Elementary 5143 S 21st St, 53221-3599

Craig Montessori  7667 W Congress St, 53218-5395

Curtin 3450 S 32nd St, 53215-4299

Doerfler 3014 W Scott Street, 53215

Eighty-First Street  2964 N 81st St, 53222-4897

Elm Creative Arts 900 W Walnut St, 53205-1099

Engleburg  5100 N 91st St, 53225-4131

Fairview 6500 Kinnickinnic River Pky, 53219-3099

Fernwood Montessori 3239 S Pennsylvania Ave, 53207-3199

Fifty-Third Street School  3618 N 53rd St, 53216-2952

Forest Home 1516 W Forest Home Ave, 53204-3294

Franklin 2308 W Nash St, 53206-1830

Fratney School 3255 N Fratney St, 53212-2297

French Immersion 2360 N 52nd St, 53210-2796

German Immersion 3778 N 82nd St, 53222-2999

Golda Meir Upper Campus 1615 W Martin Luther King Dr, 53212

Golda Meir Lower Campus 1615 W Martin Luther King Dr, 53212

Grant School 2920 W Grant St, 53215-2490

Grantosa 4850 N 82nd St, 53218-3604

Greenfield Bilingual 1711 S 35th St, 53215-2094

Groppi H.S. 1312 N 27th St, 53208-2499

Hamilton H.S. 6215 W Warnimont Ave, 53220-1399

Hartford Avenue 2227 E Hartford Ave, 53211-3199

Hawley 5610 W Wisconsin Ave, 53213-4258

Hawthorne 6945 N 41st St, 53209-2297

Hayes Bilingual  971 W Windlake Ave, 53204-3822

Hi-Mount 4921 W Garfield Ave, 53208-1197

Holmes 2463 N Buffum St, 53212-2999

Honey Creek Elementary 6701 W Eden Pl, 53220-1335

Hopkins Lloyd Community School  1503 W Hopkins St, Milwaukee, WI 53206-2164

Howard Montessori 357 E Howard Ave, 53207

Humboldt Park 3230 S Adams Ave, 53207-2706

IDEAL 1420 W Goldcrest Ave, 53221-5099

Jackson 2121 W Hadley St, 53206-1698

James Madison Academic Campus (JMAC) 8135 W Florist Ave, 53218-1745

Kagel Elementary 1210 W Mineral St, 53204-2192

Keefe Avenue Elementary 1618 W Keefe Ave, 53206-2396

Kilbourn  5354 N 68th St, 53218-2999

King MS 4950 N 24th St, 53209-5696

Kluge  5760 N 67th St, Milwaukee, WI 53218-2307

Lincoln Center of the Arts 820 E Knapp St, 53202-2799

Lloyd Barbee Montessori 4456 N Teutonia Ave, 53209-6290

Longfellow 1021 S 21st Street, 53204

Lowell Elementary 4360 S 20th St, 53221-2367

MHSA 2300 W Highland Ave, 53233-1099

M.L King Elementary 3275 N Third St, 53212-2064

MacDowell Montessori 6415 W Mt. Vernon Ave, 53213

Manitoba 4040 W Forest Home Ave, 53215-3599

Maryland Montessori  2418 N Maryland Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53211-4487

Milwaukee School of Languages 8400 W Burleigh St, 53222-3798

Milwaukee Sign Language 7900 W Acacia Rd, 53223-5699

Milwaukee Spanish Immersion 2765 S 55th St, 53219-3269

Mitchell School 1728 S 23rd St, 53204-3099

Morgandale 3635 S. 17th, 53221

Morse•Marshall  4141 N 64th St, Milwaukee, WI 53216-1198

Neeskara School 1601 N Hawley Rd, 53208-2199

New School for Community Service 609 N Eighth St Second Floor, 53233-2405

North Division 1011 W Center St, 53206

Obama/SCTE 5075 N Sherman Blvd, 53209-5919

Parkside of the Arts 2969 S Howell Ave, 53207

Parkview Elementary  10825 W Villard Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53225-3898

Pierce Elementary 2765 N Fratney St, 53212-2698

Project Stay 609 N Eighth St, 53233-2405

Pulaski High School 2500 W Oklahoma Ave, 53215-4498

Reagan H.S. 4965 S 20th St, 53221-2859

Riley Elementary 2424 S Fourth St, 53207-1492

Riverside University High School 1615 E Locust St, 53211-3298

Rogers Street 2430 W Rogers St, 53204

Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts 800 W. Walnut St, 53205

Rufus King International High School 1801 W Olive St, 53209-6898

Sherman Multicultural Arts 5110 W Locust St, 53210-1626

Silver Spring 5131 N Green Bay Ave, 53209-5791

South Division H.S. 1515 W Lapham Blvd, 53204-3296

Starms Discovery  2035 N 25th St, 53205-1008

Starms Early Childhood  2616 W Garfield Ave, 53205-1099

Story School 3815 W Kilbourn Ave, 53208

Stuart Elementary 7001 N 86th St, 53224-4899

Thoreau 7878 N 60th St, 53223-4109

Townsend 3360 N Sherman Blvd, Milwaukee, WI 53216-3559

Trowbridge 1943 East Trowbridge Street, 53207

Victory 2222 W Henry Ave, 53221-4999

Vieau 823 S Fourth St, 53204-1724

Vincent H.S.  7501 N Granville Rd,  53224-3998

Washington H.S.2525 N Sherman Blvd, 53210

Wedgewood Park 6506 W Warnimont Ave, 53220-1398

Westside I Academy 1945 N 31st St, 53208

Westside II Academy  1940 N 36th St, Milwaukee, WI 53208

Whitman 4200 S 54th St, 53220-3197

Zablocki 1016 W Oklahoma Ave, 53215-4796


Green Bay Public Schools

Sullivan Elementary 1567 Deckner Avenue, 54302


LaCrosse Public Schools

Central High School 1801 Losey Blvd., 54601

Emerson High School 2101 Campbell Rd, 54601

Hamilton High School 1111 S. 7th St, 54601

Hintjen High School 3505 S. 28th St, 54601

Lincoln Middle School 510 S. 9th St, 54601

Logan High School 1500 Ranger Dr., 54603

Logan Middle School 1450 Avon Street, 54658

Longfellow Middle School 1900 Denton St, 54601

Northside Elementary School 1611 Kane Street, 54601

Northwoods Elementary School N2541 Sablewood Rd, 54601

Southern Bluffs Elementary 4010 Sunnyside Drive, 54601

Spence Elementary 2150 Bennett St, 54601

State Road Elementary 3900 Pammel Creek Road, 54601

Summit Elementary 1800 Lakeshore Drive, 54603


Racine Schools

Jerstad-Agerholm MS 3601 LaSalle St, 53402

Racine Early Education Center 2015 Franklin St, 53403

Washington Park H.S. 1901 12th St, 53403

William Horlick H.S. 2119 Rapids Drive, 53404


Tomah Schools

La Grange Elementary 600 Straw Street, 54660

Lemonweir Elementary 711 N. Glendale Ave,  54660

Photo credit: Overpass Light Brigade

Photo credit: Overpass Light Brigade

5 thoughts on “List of Participating Schools for 2/17 “Walk In for Public Schools”

  1. I will say again. In the day of Martin Luther King and the bus boycott, the people marched peacefully. They were continually arrested and put in jail. Then they put the children first. The arrest stopped, and we as a people moved one step forward . Our countries backbone has always been the teachers, especially the gifted one.Teaching is the profession that creates all others. Tell me one doctor that became a doctor without a teacher. Public Schools accept all children no matter what race, creed, tribe or learning style. You politicians who believe tax payers should pay for vouchers, funding for charter and private schools, were you all given an education to be where you are today in those private schools. Maybe some, but I bet not too many. What is wrong with you? The American Dream is for all, not the chosen few. My dad gave my brothers and me the American Dream which is a better life through an education . We went for it. We should never give up that dream because the children are watching, and we better be looking at them.


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