Wisconsin: Right-Wing Bradley Foundation Spent $108 Million to Privatize Public Education

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A major new report from the progressive One Wisconsin Institute finds that the right-wing Bradley Foundation spent more than $108 million, working with 130 partner groups, to privatize public schools in Wisconsin between 2005 and 2014. During the same period, the state’s public schools experienced dramatic budget cuts.

Key findings of the updated “P Is For Payoff” report include:

Bradley Foundation head Michael Grebe, a political insider who chaired Gov. Walker’s presidential and gubernatorial campaigns, continues to orchestrate a massive propaganda campaign to advance the privatization of public education;

An analysis of IRS Form 990 records and Bradley Foundation reports reveals over 130 organizations supportive of their education privatization agenda and working to advance their cause have received over $108 million from 2005 through 2014;

Bradley’s tactics have continued to evolve, now featuring litigation to advance their privatization agenda and intimidate opponents. Leading the effort is the Wisconsin Institute…

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2 thoughts on “Wisconsin: Right-Wing Bradley Foundation Spent $108 Million to Privatize Public Education

  1. So who in the Bradley Foundation are teachers in public schools? Which of you have taught in schools like MPS? How many of you have degrees in education? Tell me specifically how you reach all the learning styles needed to reach as many children as possible. Public schools have always had their doors open to all no matter what race, creed or learning style. The American Dream has always meant a better life for our children through education. Bradley Foundation you are saying education is for the chosen few. Before public schools only the rich could afford
    education for their children. Any of you Bradley Foundation members are you saying you, your families and children are better than all of the rest of us?That doesn’t work for me. Remember it says we the people, all are created equal. Martin Luther King Jr. gave up his life for our country, especially the children. He moved our country forward. Bradley Foundation you are moving our country backwards. You need to read his inspiring words. As an American we should move forward for all children, not the chosen few. I would like to remind you all the children are watching, and we better be looking at them. Are you?


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