Join the Movement for Public Community Schools in Milwaukee, Stand Against Takeovers

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If you agree that all MPS schools should provide community supports services like nutrition, health, vision, tutoring, and after school programs for students who need it then you believe in the Community Schools model. This successful school model is already working for over 6 million students nationwide, including four MPS schools, and when contrasted with handing public schools over to unaccountable, private third party operators the choice is obvious.

Here’s how you can join the movement to increase the role of public community schools in Milwaukee, while also continuing to fight the Takeover of MPS.

Get Involved:

2/16/16 “Elect Chris Larson for Milwaukee County Executive in the Spring Primary Election” Chris Larson Addresses Media

Unlike Chris Abele, Larson opposed the Takeover of MPS from the beginning and has also been a strong proponent of community schools, pushing for actual legislation at the state level and visiting successful community schools in Chicago. It’s time for a county executive who will not do the bidding of the right wing takeover promoters.


2/17/16 “Walk In for Public Schools” with schools around the nation. Walk-In-1-promo

Over 800 public schools in nearly 40 cities around the country will be walking in with Milwaukee to demand the public schools all students deserve. Check the growing list of schools who are signed up and RSVP to join one beginning at 7:00am in the morning.

2/20/16 “Citywide Gathering, March & Rally to Support Public Community Schools and Stop Takeovers”  9:00am – 11:30amcover

Come gather with students, parents, educators and community members from the 132 public schools in Milwaukee. We’re continuing to collectively build a plan that wins more public community schools for our students that provide neighborhood support services like nutrition, health, tutoring, and after school programs for students who need it. The public community schools model is already generating success for over 6 million students in the United States. Together we will win the public community schools we know all students deserve and beat back the Takeover of MPS. Join us!

Where: MATC T-Building (6th and Highland Blvd)
RSVP here:


9:00am: Registration / Coffee / Pastries

9:30am: Brief Program – School Sign Making

10:15am: March to the courthouse and rally to send a message to all stakeholders; We love our public schools and will not allow them to be taken over by third party for-profit operators.

10:30am: Rally at Courthouse

***Free parking — Spanish interpretation available

Sign this petition demanding County Executive Chris Abele refuse to enable the Takeover of MPS.

Volunteer to join a School Defense Committee or help with phone banking, neighborhood canvassing, sign making, or any other talent you might bring to the table.

2 thoughts on “Join the Movement for Public Community Schools in Milwaukee, Stand Against Takeovers

  1. The latest post is very well stated with numbers and facts. The best part was the picture of those beautiful children holding signs that told of their love of their public school. It was the smiles on their faces. Just like in the days of Martin Luther King and the bus boycott. The people marched peacefully. They were continually arrested and put in jail. Then they put the children in front. The arrest stopped, and we as a nation moved one step forward. Publicize the beautiful smiles on the faces of our children who believe in their public schools. They should also hold some signs. I am the American Dream, and that dream has always meant a better life for our children through education for all…not the chosen few.

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