Come and Learn About Community Schools

community schools
Kyle Serrette, the Education Director for the Center for Popular Democracy will be presenting the national Community Schools model to the SASI School Board meeting at MPS Central Offices this Thursday, May 19 at 6:30pm. The authentic Community Schools model improves student outcomes by focusing on the whole child through six specific approaches. Bring a friend and learn more about how we continue to build authentic, public, community schools in MPS like those already started at Auer Avenue, Bradley Tech High School, James Madison Academic Campus and Hopkins Lloyd.

4 thoughts on “Come and Learn About Community Schools

  1. Wonder what would happen if MPS students attended Mequon Theinsville schools for awhile,and Meaquon Theinsville students attended MPS? Sometimes children get to the heart of the problem faster than adults.


  2. Why are we letting politicians like Scott Walker and his people tell us how to teach children for learning? Where did they get their degree and license to be a teacher? How many hours did they spend in public school classrooms being totally responsible for the well being of the children and their learning? We must stand up for public schools because the children are counting on us.


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