Republican Takeover of MPS is a Failure: Resignation of Takeover Czar a Victory for Milwaukee Children

Martha De La Rosa

Wisconsin Jobs Now Executive Director Martha De La Rosa speaks to demonstrators outside a Republican Presidential Debate at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (photo credit: Joe Brusky).

The following statement was released, Friday, July 1st, by Wisconsin Jobs Now Executive Director Martha De La Rosa in response to the resignation of MPS Takeover Czar Demond Means, and the subsequent threats to defund MPS from Republican leadership:

“With the departure of Dr. Means as commissioner of the so-called “Opportunity Schools and Partnership program,” the attempt by legislative Republicans to take control of Milwaukee Public Schools has failed.

“Dr. Mean’s resignation is a victory for Milwaukee’s children and a defeat for legislative Republicans who have shown an increasingly clear bias against the people of Milwaukee, and for their accomplice County Executive Chris Abele.

“Milwaukee’s Public Schools need full funding so our kids can get the quality education they deserve, not experiments in taking control away from our locally elected school board and handing it to an unaccountable political appointee.

“The white Republican legislators who don’t represent Milwaukee but think they can experiment on the mostly Black children of MPS need to understand that we will not allow them to risk our children’s future for their political gain.

“Wisconsin Jobs Now will continue to support efforts by parents and educators to establish real community schools and will fight back vigorously against any attempt to appoint another Takeover Czar or expand the failed takeover legislation.

“Recent statements by legislative Republicans who have threatened to further cut MPS funding as punishment for not implementing their racist experiment prove that they have zero concern for the quality of education in our city. We will fight back even harder against their next assault on our children.”


2 thoughts on “Republican Takeover of MPS is a Failure: Resignation of Takeover Czar a Victory for Milwaukee Children

  1. We need to find someone who is an expert on Constitutional Law. I just read that Thomas Jefferson and I think Hamiton disagreed on some things, but they both supported equal education for all. They believed in taxes to support public education for all…not the chosen few. Do you think maybe people like Walker and his people are discriminating against our country’s most vunerable
    population children? Do you think that many politicians like Walker have totally ignored our Founding Fathers and their wisdom? I do. I may be wrong,but I don’t think so. We have far too many politicians promoting their own agenda. We don’t need any more politicians who say they represent us. We need Americans to represent us…remember We the people. I was a public school teacher for 33 years in four states. Those children taught me way more than I ever taught them. They taught me that children do for the most part what is expected of them. Over a 40 year span I wanted to teach them everything,but instead they taught me. They helped me to remember the magic in the believing. All children need us to believe in them …no matter what. Sometimes there is a lot of no matter what.


  2. No matter what we have to endure, we must do everything possible to save the children.The American Dream has always been a better life for our children through a good education . Sometimes a public school is the only hope a child has. Public schools need to be funded equally so the American Dream doesn’t become to mean only for the chosen few. Our Founding Fathers stated that belief. I think there are too many laws out there that were passed with total disregard to our Declaration of Indepedence and our Constitutional Civil Rights.


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