Rep. Kooyenga and Radio Show Host Share Laugh Over Thought of Defunding MPS


The Republicans showed all their cards and intentions for Milwaukee Public Schools on Thursday, a day after the resignation of Takeover Czar Means. Listen to what Rep. Dale Kooyenga had to say on the right wing Jay Weber talk radio show (video below). Kooyenga and Weber revealed what the real Republican priority is for Milwaukee students, and it isn’t about caring or improving public schools.

If the Takeover co-authors Kooyenga and Sen. Alberta Darling really cared about Milwaukee children and families, would they be presiding over budgets that provide students in their own wealthier districts with thousands of dollars more than students in MPS?

Rep. Dale Kooyenga Reveals Real Plans for MPS on Right Wing Radio from MTEA Union on Vimeo.

One thought on “Rep. Kooyenga and Radio Show Host Share Laugh Over Thought of Defunding MPS

  1. Our children in public schools do not any more politicians to lead us.We need Americans who represent all of us. All of us.All of us. Not the chosen few. Walker you and your people are a disgrace to the people of Wisconsin. Most especially the children and families in public schools. I really don’t see how you can look in a mirror or sleep at night. Actually I hope you can’t.


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