Milwaukee Private Head Start Operator Offering Cash Bribes for Enrollment

Look what was sent to us!
The Milwaukee private Head Start operator, Acelero Learning is offering a $50 cash enrollment bribe to entice parents to send their K3-K5 students to their program.
In 2014, It was reported that several private city charter schools were using cash bribes to lure parents away from accountable public operators using public taxpayer money. The campaign was successful in passing a citywide ordinance banning such a practice from the City of Milwaukee charter schools.
It was argued then that an educational institution should be able to attract students on the merit of their academic programs, not on the size of their cash bribe.
Private third party operators shouldn’t be able to earmark taxpayer dollars to recruit students.

Sign this petition ending this practice in the State of Wisconsin.

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2 thoughts on “Milwaukee Private Head Start Operator Offering Cash Bribes for Enrollment

  1. Oh, I believe in bribes for children in public schools. One class I had always wanted to celebrate every positive happening in our classroom. They would say let’s celebrate, When I’d say what are we celebrating? They would specifically say… and it was not always what their teacher thought was worth
    celebrating. I had this big jar of goodies . Yes, I know some would say well that’s why they wanted to celebrate . Sometimes that was true, but sometimes not. Children are our best teachers. Listen and learn from them. I was blessed to be a public school teacher for 33 years in four states. They taught me way more than I ever taught them. They gave me a worthy life’s work ,and helped me become a better person. We must put children first. They are our country’s best hope for the future. They are watching us. What do they see when they watch us?


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