New Call for MPS Takeover: Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) 2015-2017 Agenda Takes Aim at Democratically Controlled School Board

Photo credit: Sue Pezanoski-Browne

It appears the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) learned nothing from the most recent state Takeover of MPS that was emphatically turned back by the people of Milwaukee. MMAC’s 2015-’17 agenda makes interference with the democratically elected Milwaukee school board a goal. MPS students receive thousands of dollars less in per pupil funding than their suburban counterparts, yet groups like MMAC, rather than help create jobs for a city rocked by unemployment and crippling poverty, can only offer up ideas that take away the voice and self-determination of the people of Milwaukee. Our students deserve the same opportunities that students in suburban schools enjoy instead of only being given options that privatize the public schools.

Educate All Students, Support Public Education

The MMAC is calling for another attempt at governance takeover of the MPS school board. Their 2015-2017 legislative agenda (see right hand column on their web page at the following link) calls for “Fundamentally reform MPS governance and empower the MPS Superintendent to make reforms within the district.”

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