#GoPublic with Your ❤ for Public Schools

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On Monday, April 3, we would like to encourage parents, students, community members, educators, etc. to gather in front of one of their local public schools and encourage others to #GoPublic.


· Gather before school, after school, or whenever is most convenient for your community. This event could last as little as 10 minutes.

· Ask people to wear a pro-public school t-shirt (“I Love My Public School”, “Go Public”, etc.) or school spirit wear from your local school.

· Make a few signs to remind people that they have 2 important opportunities to speak up for public schools:

o Vote on April 4! State Superintendent of Public Instruction & local school boards

o April 5: Attend the JFC hearings and “People’s Tailgate” at State Fair Park (right now plans are shaping up to hold a Press Conference at 7 am and have an afternoon celebration from 4 – 6 pm that will include students, brats, hotdogs, 20 ft diameter parachutes, etc. There will be tents and tables in the parking lot all day that will serve as a homebase for people giving testimony and showing up to support public schools.)

· Capture photos for social media and post them on your platform; use the hashtags #GoPublic and #WIBudget2017.

Encourage community members to share the posts on social media as well

· Coordinate this effort with MPS and several suburban school districts to amplify our united message.

Send any photos taken to bruskyjb@yahoo.com.

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One thought on “#GoPublic with Your ❤ for Public Schools

  1. We must continue to support our Public Schools. As often as possible let children be our voice publicly. I still think many taxpayers do not realize that taxpayer dollars are being used to fund charters and vouchers for private schools leaving less for public schools.They do not have the same accountability as public schools. If they do not like the child’s race, Creed, Tribe or learning style, they don’t have to admit them. Anyone with any common sense can see this is a double standard. It is discrimination against our country’s most vulnerable population…children. It is also against the Civil Rights of families and children who support and believe in public schools. Sometimes the only hope a child has is a public education. The Secretary of Education has said many times she wants to further God’s kingdom. However, she wants to profit from educating God’s children.
    Look at Michigan, and see how well her plan worked. There is Separation of church and state. No tax dollars should used for Vouchers to private schools. If she wants to further God’s kingdom, great. Then she and her billions can pay for them. All public schools should be funded equally…no matter what zip code! Why did we ever allow politicians tell us they knew more about learning than a educated, trained, licensed teacher? Look at the mess they have created in our country!!


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