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Hello defenders of public education! You are here because you have expressed an interest in defeating the takeover of Milwaukee Public Schools. There is no shortage of tasks that need to be completed to make sure our schools remain in the hands of the people of Milwaukee and their democratically elected school board.

Here’s how you can get involved:


We want our public schools to be publicly accountable and transparent to the taxpayers who fund them. All students have a right to a fully resourced public school, regardless of their zip code.

the-people-gonna-rise-copySaturday, February 4th – 5th, 2016 “Milwaukee Art Build for Public Education

“We need teachers, we need books! We need the $ that Walker took!

Join us for a weekend of art in support of the fully funded public schools all our children deserve. We will be making banners, posters, and other pieces in preparation for the coming two-year Wisconsin state budget battle as we demand fair funding for Milwaukee Public School students.

Wisconsin Public Schools have seen a billion dollars cut since 2011, as well as a 2015 public takeover of MPS that was snuck into the last state budget and met fierce resistance and eventually was defeated. MPS students currently receive $1,000+ less per pupil in state funding when compared to their surrounding suburban colleagues. These massive disparities must be erased! We will stand for fair funding for our students and against state takeovers of our public schools. We will make sure our state politicians hear and see us in support of fair funding and treatment of ALL our students and with this art build we will be impossible to ignore.

Join us on Saturday or Sunday or both days to help us. We’re located in the upstairs of 735 E. Center St., which is above Company Brewing.

Tentative build schedule:

Saturday, February 4: 10am – 10pm
Sunday: February 5: 10am – 10pm


Sign this petition demanding County Executive Chris Abele refuse the role of commissioner in the Takeover of MPS.

Volunteer to join a School Defense Committee or help with phone banking, neighborhood canvassing, sign making, or any other talent you might bring to the table.



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