School Defense Committee (English)

Download the School Defense Committee Sign-up PDF here.





What is a School Defense Committee? A School Defense Committee is a group of parents, students, educators, community members/organizations, local leaders, faith- and neighborhood-based associations, and businesspeople who are willing to get involved at YOUR school to oppose the MPS takeover plan.


Who needs a School Defense Committee? Every school needs one. The takeover plan will identify specific schools to take over, but all schools are at risk because the plan affects the financial health of our whole district. A threat to one school is a threat to all of our schools.

What actions can a School Defense Committee take to protect all public schools in our city and state? Here are a few ideas for your committee to consider:

  • Hold meetings or informational leafleting (before and after school) to inform parents, students, educators and community members about the takeover.
  • Recruit people from your school community to participate in events and actions that support our public schools and oppose the takeover.
  • Speak to the media and legislators about your school.
  • Go door to door in your school neighborhood to build support.
  • Make phone calls to inform and activate others.
  • Coordinate with people at other schools and in other cities (such as Racine and Madison) to show that our state is united for public schools.


How can we get a School Defense Committee started at our school? Email Amy Mizialko at Or fill out the slip below and turn it into one of the organizers at today’s event.


YES! I’ll help organize a School Defense Committee at my school!


Name: _________________________________________     School: _______________________________________

Email: _________________________________________      Phone: _______________________________________


I am a (check all that apply): p parent     p educator     p student     p community member


Names of parents, students, educators, and community allies that might be willing to join our School Defense Committee: ____________________________________________________________________




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