Walk-in: Instructions/Social Media/Chants


Thank you for hosting a walk-in at your school!

Here are some tips for facilitating your walk-in:

  1. Make sure that every person who attends signs in. This step is critical for making sure we can communicate with people about future events and campaigns. Sign-in sheets are included in this box; attach them to a clipboard.
  2. As participants gather, pass out posters and buttons. Ask a parent or educator to pass out the informational flyers during the event.
  3. You may march, chant, or simply gather for conversation and photos. There are some chants on the back of this sheet for your use.
  4. If an MTEA building leader, parent, and/or elected official would like to speak, gather participants together. The host can coordinate this, welcome participants, and hand over the “mic.” Use the talking points on the informational flyer for guidance.
  5. Just before the teacher workday starts, gather everyone together and invite everyone to walk into the building together. Chant as you enter.

“Walk-In” Social Media Instructions:

With over 90 schools participating, we can’t get the media to every location so it is important that we take lots of photos and post them to social media. We must be the reporters, otherwise no one will know you walked in. Be sure to:

  1. Assign one or more parents or educators to get camera photos and post them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…
  2. Include the hashtag #NoMPSTakeover in all posts so the media, so others can search all walk-in posts after the event.
  3. Take a group photo in the front of your school, preferably with the school’s name in the photo somewhere.

Make sure all in attendance have RSVP’d for walk-in event on Action Network. Everyone who RSVPs is added to the school’s list of supporters making this step critical.

Make sure all in attendance are aware of and following these online locations, where takeover information will be posted.

Websites: stopmpstakeover.com, mtea.weac.org, schoolsandcommunitiesunited.org Facebook Pages: Stop the Takeover of MPS, Schools and Communities United, and Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association

Chants to use during the walk-in:

When public schools

are under attack

what do we do?

Stand up! Fight back!




That we…that we

Will win…will win

I believe that we will win!

I believe that we will win!

I believe that we will win!

I believe that we will win!


They say cut back

we say fight back!


Ain’t no power

like the power of the people

Cause the power of the people don’t stop!

Say what?


Hey hey! Ho ho!

The takeover has got to go!


Whose schools?

Our schools!


Our schools! Our solutions!

Our schools! Our solutions!


Abele, you cheat us!

But you will not defeat us!




Download the this document here.

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